The Consultancy

Born in 1978, I have always dreamed of dealing with foreign countries. I was a child in the days of Hulk Hogan; I had fun fighting with my siblings on our parents’ bed, mimicking the verse of famous Wrestling idols.

I started off as a warehouse worker in the UK (Leicester) in 1999. After many years marked by hard work, training, internships, personal and university studies, I had my first successful experiences around the world, China, Taiwan, Japan, South East Asia, Europe, Russia, both in the business and consultancy sector, and later in the management field. In 2013, I decided to follow my passion for SMEs and business consulting. I opened my business consulting firm in Brescia (Italy), first as a freelance and now with internal collaborators whom I personally train for the internationalization of SMEs.

I’m in love with mechanics and all productive processes in general, and I see companies as a complex and fascinating environment, a mixture of emotions, people, relationships, stories, organization, strictness and goals.

I believe that any Ocean can be crossed; with the right equipment, rowing together, never giving up and always bearing in mind the route to follow.

Studio Sbrilli

After completing several export projects alongside entrepreneurs and having collected one by one important direct references and the esteem of many entrepreneurs for tangible and lasting results, I opened my Consultancy firm, specialized in Internationalization, Export, Business Development and International Marketing.

Our main focus is on Temporary Export Management, a now widespread service that my internal collaborators and I provide in a passionate, transparent, professional and determined way.

We are ready to assist you on this journey out into the world and work with you to develop your potential and grow your business!