Consultant for the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Allow me to introduce myself


I am an Export Manager and a professional consultant for Export, Business Development, Internationalization and International Marketing. Since 2013, I am the owner of the Consultancy Sbrilli in Brescia, which supports entrepreneurs of productive SMEs and helps them grow and export all over the world.

I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs with an ethical approach
  • Entrepreneurs facing generational change
  • Entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in useful and qualitative projects
  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to grow one step at a time
  • Entrepreneurs seeking guidance by actively collaborating with us
  • Entrepreneurs who believe in continuous improvement
  • Entrepreneurs who recognize their limitations as their starting point

export manager

I do NOT work with:

  • Entrepreneurs who believe that their organization is 100% perfect
  • Start-uppers who would like to receive estimates but are not genuinely interested, or who would like to talk about scalability at our first interview
  • Entrepreneurs who lack transparency and fail to give clear and precise information
  • Short-sighted and narrow-minded entrepreneurs, who are immediately and utterly unwilling to make efforts
  • Entrepreneurs who live by the concept of payment extension
  • Entrepreneurs who request quotes without understanding the consultancy’s and the project’s methods and basics
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